The City House

When we found our dream home we jumped on the property without a second though. It meant that we got the house we always dreamed of, but it also meant carrying a second mortgage.

Our city place was no where near ready for sale and it had a lot of projects that were underway. We decided to work away on it as we also lived and worked on our dream home as well. We are now coming up on the year mark of owning 2 homes (at one time) and we are so close to the finish line of getting our city house on the market.

I’d like to share some photos of the work we have been doing! Now, in this case we are not decorating to our taste, we are simply updating, freshening up, and staging the house for sale. Again, we are doing this as cheap as possible since most home updates in this area do not see return on investment.

And the reason I decided to include this on my dream home blog, is because this is the house that made us realize we had out grown the city and needed more space. Like so many others do, its the “starter home” before you upgrade or expand. It’s a beautiful house with a lot of potential and I’m sure it will be loved by another family very soon.

Well, I hope you all enjoy!


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