Bedrooms : 2&3

Now that the second and third bedroom are complete I can finally present you with some after photos for the “kids rooms”.

Bedroom two: Before

10985050_10155482340420721_3569145734452924930_n 11112915_10155482340350721_2955288322273397318_n

As you can see, the paint job is lime green, the walls are in terrible shape and it just looks small and dark overall.

Bedroom two: After

018006 003 021

Now the walls are repaired, and freshly painted a neutral grey/beige. A twin bed and desk are placed to allow potential buyers to see the large amount of floor space still available (for a larger bed, dresser, etc). New doors were also installed (closet door and main bedroom entry door). Freshly painted trim and a good cleaning of the hardwood floors finished off this room.

Bedroom three: Before

11170336_10155482340550721_4048451980351780699_n 11011605_10155482340555721_4761743139013747080_n

Yikes is what comes to mind when I look at these photos. The dark purple walls were in even worse shape then the previous bedroom. It was used to paint cabinets and was overall just terrible. The type of room that we closed the door on and refrained from ever looking back inside.

Bedroom three: After

023015  024011

Again, minimal furniture is key. A toddler bed was placed in this room which would be equivalent to a crib. You can see that there is tons of room at the foot of the bed which will allow buyers to confidently see that a larger bed would be able to fit. A small cube organizer could be envisioned as a dresser and there are still plenty of empty walls for addition dressers, desks, etc. This room also received the same neutral paint job and new doors as well.


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