Staging: Interior (Lower Level)

From the french door off the dining room you will proceed down carpeted stairs to an open “family room” or “rec room”.

This living space has a propane stove that throws off enough heat to keep the entire house comfortable. Or, use it in the evening during winter months for a cozy place to watch TV or read a book. There is a ledge that can function for consoles, or decorations. You can actually set this room up in a number of different ways depending on what you want the focal point to be (TV, the fireplace, guests, etc). The lower level is tiled with white ceramic tiles. This was NOT our preference. This was what was placed in the house originally. I prefer carpet on lower levels because it adds a sense of warmth to a dark and damp area. But a lot of buyers want ceramic, laminate or even hardwood in basements now so we decided to leave this alone.

Off of this family room there are 2 additional rooms. The first door you’ll reach (at the bottom of the stairs) is the laundry/powder room.

Again we left the appliances alone since they were front load, white and still working great. We added some track shelving to really showcase the storage space. But depending on the buyer, this corner could also fit a stand up shower very nicely. And since all the plumbing is already there for the washer, it would really be a breeze to hook up.

Across from the toilet we put it a brand new vanity area. New lighting, new mirror, new vanity, new counter, new sink and faucet. The same new flooring found in the kitchen and upstairs main bath is found in here as well. A decal was added to the bulk head above the washer to make that sore thumb into a work of art. Next to the vanity you will notice a door, which leads to our other room located on the lower level, the bonus room!

Now who doesn’t like extra space? This room is the size of a bedroom (although lacking a closet). It has a tile floor, identical to the family room, and full access to the powder room/laundry. The possibilities for this room are honestly endless. Let’s discuss option 1: a home office/craft room. This was my first choice because who doesn’t own a computer? Whether its a place to park your printer and file paperwork, or maybe its a room to run a small business, this room has you covered. If you’re like me, you may want to craft and color in here with tons of space for storage too.

Let’s discuss my second choice: a playroom. This just makes sense. It’s directly off of the family room, the door can be shut to hide toys when company comes over and let’s not forget easy access to a bathroom. A cute carpet, some storage cubes and tons of toys and this room is in business!

A few other options for this room could be a studio (for artists and photographers alike). You could use this as a guest bedroom for visiting family and friends. A bed, maybe a dresser, and you’ve got a quiet place to company to call their own. Easy access to a bathroom and privacy from the other rooms upstairs. Lastly, you could knock down the wall and create an even larger family room area.

And finally on this level is the crawl space. Ok, i know what you’re thinking. Not really very glamorous in terms of attracting a buyer, but in my eyes, storage is very attractive.

Access to the crawl space/storage is found through the family room closet. Located in the back we created a door for easy access. This space also has its own light found right inside to the left.

Now, we didn’t actually upgrade or do anything in here. But can we please just talk about the space?! This is the entire length of the kitchen and living room located above! There are shelves found along the walls and the hot water tank is even hidden away in here. Just imagine, all of your seasonal decorations tucked away safely inside while remaining out of sight. A place to store baby items a buyer might be saving for next time (high chair, crib, jumpers, etc), not to mention all the household items (paint cans, extra flooring, or furniture you are planning to upcycle). Or you could be the best parent ever and put down some flooring, add some drywall and give your kids the coolest playroom around!

Well, that’s it for the interior of the City House. Let’s hope we can get this bad boy sold very soon. I hope everyone enjoyed the staged photos and I welcome any feedback! Leave your comments below.