Staging: Interior (Main Level)

Let’s discuss the main level now. Its pretty basic in terms of what rooms are included. At the front of the house, or at the bottom of the stairs from the upper level you will find the
“front room”. We decided to stage as a “living room” or “sitting room”.

As you can see from these photos, you have your front door, entryway closet, stairs to the upper level and your doorway which leads to the kitchen/dining room and door to lower level. There are a lot of options for this room depending on what a buyer plans to do with it. You could easily mount a TV on the wall, or keep as a formal sitting room. It could be used for an at home business since the front door is there for clients/customers. Or if someone really wants a large gourmet kitchen the wall between the two rooms could easily come down to open up a large, open concept main floor.

We used patio furniture which I understand is not what a buyer will be putting in place. But for the moving from room to room and house to house it was much easier to use this lightweight furniture than a huge couch or love seat. It all matches (and went well with neutral color scheme in here) and in terms of scale it is very much on par with an actual chair, loveseat or coffee table. A new heat pump was also ended during our upgrades. And have it directly on the far wall allows the heat to travel up to the bedrooms as well.

Now, we’ll head to the back of the house where you will find the kitchen/dining room.

The kitchen is also a huge upgrade from what it was. The oak cabinets were refinished in a much darker color, new counter tops, new hardware, new flooring, painted walls, painted ceiling. From the kitchen you have a side door entrance and closet (leading out to the driveway). As well as french doors leading to the back deck, and yard.

Although we debated back and forth about replacing the appliances we decided against it. We liked that the white broke up the dark cabinets. It also matched the doors, windows and trim. And apparently white walls, appliances and tiles are coming back in style full swing. Where these appliances aren’t old and still working great, the value just wasn’t there for replacement. We used a pub table to stage the dining area, mainly for its color. But it also showcases the amount of room you actually have for a dining room set. This table is floating in the middle but there is a ton of room surrounding it for additional chairs, longer table, etc.

Next we’ll take that french door down to the lower level to finish the tour.