The Before Photos

So I’ll attach a few before photos for you to take a look at. Some of these photos were taken after the renovations started so they may not be the exact original, but you’ll get the idea of why it needs to be updated!


This is our city house. Dave is a landscaping junkie and sometimes he gets carried away. (As you can tell by the beach rock and lack of grass).

11149535_10155482339250721_3256108372892304204_n 11156148_10155482339235721_8553753096941203718_n 11168010_10155482339255721_2581843940244481827_n

These are the before photos of the front living room. When you walk into the front door this is what you’d find. It also contains a front closet and a set of stairs to head up to the top floor (bedrooms and a bathroom). A mini heat pump went in about a year ago which you’ll find centered on the far wall.

10003977_10154064784450721_1534768695900265225_n 11218158_10155805847445721_7160708172773139805_n 11742690_10155805845525721_3254425897992102341_n

These are some shots of the eat in kitchen. There is a side door and closet as well. Terrible flooring and there was a window instead of backyard access.

11059785_10155482340090721_600481777267799802_n 11152701_10155482340075721_5158628501161444478_n 11159486_10155482339960721_7446452994276318134_n

Upstairs you’ll find the master bedroom seen above. It’s located at the front of the house.

10985050_10155482340420721_3569145734452924930_n 11112915_10155482340350721_2955288322273397318_n 11182144_10155482340205721_9152869821596686339_n

A second bedroom which is actually an amazing size. With a closet. This bedroom is at the back of the house (opposite the master bedroom).

11011605_10155482340555721_4761743139013747080_n 11170336_10155482340550721_4048451980351780699_n

The third bedroom is the smallest of the three. Mostly because of the closet eating up a corner. It is located on the back of the house, beside the green bedroom you previously saw.

1797353_10153903648935721_1411366351_n 11694797_10155805846275721_4997201655544609977_n 11705208_10155805846245721_820528522753704639_n

Last thing on the upper level is the main bathroom. Extremely dated and basically becomes a gut job.

10306633_10155482340620721_3722343616665469191_n 11694010_10155805879900721_3777346342173844852_n

Next we head to the basement down some extremely ugly stairs to the lower level.

10410112_10155482340770721_1620204215689508434_n 11150398_10155482340870721_5268487744805944047_n

There’s a large family room area with a propane stove. Perfect for a man cave or TV area. There is a storage closet as well.

11059321_10155482340680721_5995314801442470256_n 11175002_10155482340690721_3692613420029076247_n

Off of the family room is a bonus room. There is no closet but it is a great size. Could be used as a gym, playroom, office, etc.

9441_10155482340940721_7463279639304910810_n 11156412_10155482341115721_6671846894690923497_n 11695536_10155805850140721_492491250861488581_n 11705166_10155805879155721_5488454204610413472_n

Lastly is a laundry room/powder room and access to a large crawl space storage. This room also could use a complete overhaul.

Stay tuned for some amazing before and after photos!


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