The Exterior – Front

To say our city home lacked curb appeal in the understatement of the year. It was terrible. One of the worst houses on the street. It was seriously neglected once we moved into the dream home and it took a lot of work to get it ready for sale. We are still currently perfecting it but I’ll show you what we’ve accomplished so far!


This overly landscaped yard became a jungle where the beach rock was no longer visible. The grass turned into weeds and was the length of a field and the siding, shutters and storm door were faded and tired looking. We decided to remove ALL the front yard gardens and sod. People want grass!


We also changed the color of the shutters from dark blue to black. And painted the front door black to match. Changing the shutters to black down plays the blue siding to look almost grey, with the grey roof to match.


We then removed the white storm door on the front of the house to showcase the new black door. We also cleaned up the garden beds in front of the house. (Centered the hostas, and removing an overgrown clematis from the front.


We painted the windows with a fresh coat of white to freshen them up and remove dirt and stains that have accumulated over years. Added a brand new, fresh painted, house number. And also added Behr deck over to the cement step in the front in “slate”. A very dark grey, almost black to continue with the black contrast we created with the shutters.


We removed some bricks from a retaining wall that was not aiding our curb appeal. (Sorry that they are obstructing the view in this photo). There was also a piece of rotten wood under the door (near the cement step that we removed and are replacing. It is also seen in the photo).

Well, how does it look so far?! We are extremely happy with the progress and transformation of the front of the house. I can’t wait to share with you the rest!


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