Updated Photos

Recently we are have been busting our butts (and the butts of our close friends) at our City House. We have made some really great strides but still have a ways to go. We are finding it harder and harder to get things done lately as it seems we are constantly dividing our time up between multiple places, people or tasks.

We are starting to look into the possibility of renting out the house for a few months until next years market, but still haven’t set any plans into motion or made any final decisions.

Master Bedroom Before:

11059785_10155482340090721_600481777267799802_n 11152701_10155482340075721_5158628501161444478_n

Master Bedroom Now:

100 - Copy 101

New paint color, updated light figure, new doors (main door and closet), outlets are being updated to a white instead of almond and then it’s on to cleaning and staging!

Back Bedroom Before:

10985050_10155482340420721_3569145734452924930_n 11112915_10155482340350721_2955288322273397318_n

Back Bedroom Now:


Fresh coat of paint, new closet and main door. Trim was painted to freshen it up.

Third Bedroom Before:


Third Bedroom Now:

105 106

Crazy purple is gone and its doubled in size by a neutral paint color. New doors (not yet up in these photos).

Main Bathroom Before:

1609607_10155482339810721_2411716122041353698_n 10338348_10155482339805721_3900070286521949609_n

The tub/shower was updated before this photo as well as the vanity and new floor were in the process of going in.

Master Bathroom Now:

109 111

Currently finishing up the new paint job in there. Then some final touches (outlets, vent covers, etc). Then the mirror can go back up and it can be staged!

Living Room Before:


Living Room Now:


New Paint Color on the walls. Using this room and the kitchen as the command center for the rest of the house. You’ll find cabinets, gallons of paint, new light figured, tape measures, levels, plaster, etc.

Stairwell Before:


Stairwell Now:

112 123 - Copy

It is now freshly painted but still needs flooring.

Laundry Room Before:

9441_10155482340940721_7463279639304910810_n 11695536_10155805850140721_492491250861488581_n

Laundry Room Now:

113 117

Freshly painted. Old vanity has been removed. New vanity is at the house yet not installed. Flooring will be done shortly.

Bonus Room Before:


Bonus Room Now:

121 - Copy

It has also been painted neutral and it has been housing our freshly painted doors for all other rooms. New light figure will be going up once room is cleared of doors. Then staged accordingly.

Family Room Before:

10410112_10155482340770721_1620204215689508434_n 11150398_10155482340870721_5268487744805944047_n

Family Room Now:

118 119

In the process of getting it’s new paint job. Light figure will be installed after the painting and trim is finished.

The kitchen has had zero progress as its been the dumping ground for every other room, therefore I did not include in these updated photos. Fingers crossed we can get it finished up fast!

Hope you enjoy the update on our progress!


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