The Kids

I debated long and hard about whether I would allow my kids’ names and faces to be present on the blog. I was worried about their privacy and didn’t want to exploit them. But they are also such a huge part of the dream home and everything in it. It’s hard to imagine DreamHomeDIY without them.

I decided that I would create a page specifically dedicated to them. A photo, first name and a small blurb about them. This way, they are acknowledged but still have privacy. I made this decision because as I complete more and more projects, it becomes harder and harder to screen for faces, names, etc through photos I am going to post. I do still want the blog to focus on the projects themselves and not on who they are for. But in order for you to understand the priority of the projects we do, and even some of the themes, you need to know them!

Here we go! First born first!

My daughter, named Kennedy, is six

She loves anything Disney, but has a pretty big obsession with princesses. She is always willing to help (or observe) as long as she is in full princess attire for the job. She is also the most amazing big sister. So helpful and nurturing. She is always trying to comfort and teach her little brother.

Now for her younger brother.

My son, Foster, is three.

IMG_1758 (1)
Anyone who knows him most likely has never seen him without a smile. He is a joy to be around and is my little sidekick. He is always nearby during the work I document for my projects. He watches me paint, move furniture, build or assemble and is always curious and patient as I get things finished.

Together, they form my dream team. Whether it’s adding in their opinions, small helping hands, or hand claps of encouragement, they are always close by.




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